Glasgow Clyde Marathon

clyde marathon2Glasgow hosted a full marathon from 1979 to 1987 however thereafter the city changed it to a half marathon due to diminishing participation and lack of television coverage. Since 2012 and following the marathon at the commonwealth games in 2014, there has been an ongoing campaign on-line from running enthusiasts to bring it back. Guess what? its back and I am running it!!

The route starts in Uddingston and travels along the city’s 3 great waterways, covering 26 CAR FREE miles along the riverside footpaths of the River Clyde, River Kelvin and Forth Clyde Canal. The finish line is at Dumbarton East train station. Its flat and looks like a good PB course.

So, how do you train successfully for a marathon? There is always debate about how many times to run in a week, what should be the average weekly mileage, what should the maximum miles be over the 12 weeks training schedule and whether to cross-train to avoid injury.  Over the next twelve weeks I’ll be blogging about my successes, challenges, running routes, company kept and nutritional advice. Let the training commence……


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