What do Fit + Fabulous offer?

Based in Bearsden, Fit + Fabulous service East Dunbartonshire and the West of Glasgow.  We are a professional mobile Personal Training service whose aim is to help clients achieve personal ambitions in weight loss, improved fitness, increase muscle tone, general health and overall lifestyle.

All Fit + Fabulous design programmes can be performed in the comfort of your own home, at work or outdoors. Our client centred programmes are tailored to meet your demands and exceed expectations. Using our knowledge and expertise we support you from start to finish.

Fit + Fabulous focus on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility with a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance techniques using mainly callisthenics exercises; body-weight exercises that are simple but very effective.  Nutritional advice is a key part to health and fitness. Fit + Fabulous use a mobile application to monitor your daily intake, then analyses it carefully and suggests healthy recommendations in line with the UK Government guidelines.

We start the journey with a free consultation to assess your dedication, ambition, likes and dislikes, current level of fitness, lifestyle habits and dietary analysis.  Fit + Fabulous will then create a fitness and nutrition programme involving short, medium and long term goals over an achievable time scale.


  • FREE no obligation consultation
  • Book a block booking and save money on the hourly rate
  • Full fitness test, stress test and body composition analysis
  • Tailored nutritional design programme
  • Tailored Fitness design programme
  • Regular support, motivation and feedback
  • Access to our Facebook and Twitter community


  • £35 per single session*
  • 1 session 6 weeks £195
  • 1 session 8 weeks £240
  • 1 session 12 weeks £340
  • 2 sessions 6 weeks £325
  • 2 sessions 8 weeks £410

*Please note that a session is approximately 1 hour.


  • Planning session to establish measurable goals and set expectations
  • Online diaries are analysed with support and feedback provided weekly
  • Regular support and motivation
  • Additional tailored strength and conditioning programme
  • Face to face meeting every 4 weeks

*Please note that online training is suitable for those who do not require face to face contact on a regular bases and have a good level of general fitness. Nutritional advice can be offered please ask for further information. Contact Us 


  • 4 weeks block £100


Don’t fancy training alone? Why not buddy up with your friend or partner or even form a small group. Share the experience and save between 20-30% (subject to inquiry)  Contact Us


Do you want to encourage a loved one or friend to join you in your training? Maybe you think they would suit one to one support from Fit + Fabulous to meet their goals? Contact Us

“Make life happen! I believe that everyone was born with the potential to become what they aspire to be. It is my mission to help as many people as I can to realise their potential in life. This is one of the passions that gets me out of bed in the morning!”

Fiona Maurer