Overcoming barriers is vital in achieving what we want in life, including our fitness goals. It involves planning and organising our demanding lifestyles to accommodate time to invest in exercise. Having the motivation to apply ourselves when we are tired or the weather sucks! And, not forgetting, finding what drives us to succeed and achieve our goals.

As a Personal Trainer and athlete I have heard many barriers to exercise or reasons to why goals were not executed and achieved. I empathize with clients who face these challenges, as I have been there myself. Fit + Fabulous strongly believes in setting realistic goals with careful planning from the start. The first session will be about planning and implementing exercise and nutrition over the block booking. We have motivational tools to help keep you engaged and succeed.

“I don’t believe I can…”

Confidence and self-belief has a lot to do with achieving our goals. When the going gets tough we tend to talk ourselves out of what is causing emotional or physical discomfort. There are lots of strategies we can use to change our mindset and have a can-do attitude!

“I don’t have time…”

Planning realistic and achievable goals from the outset enables us to get family and friends buy in, prioritise time in advance and have workable exercise programmes that fit in.

“I can’t be bothered, I’m too tired…”

Exercise releases endorphins and can enhance our lives. It can help us sleep better, reducing mental and physical fatigue. Its important to recognise the benefits of exercise to general health and well-being.  Remember, others depend on us to be the best version of ourselves.  Additionally, eating a healthy balanced diet alongside regular exercise can increase energy levels.


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