There are three basic cardiovascular training approaches to running:

  • Continuous
  • Interval
  • Fartlek

Each of these training approaches have several variations, are very adaptable and can be used for beginners, moderately fit individuals or athletes depending on their goals.

gallery-14Continuous Training

When your heart rate is on average between 50-60% of maximum heart rate and emphasis is on duration rather than intensity. Continuous Training can be used for a beginner or a moderate runner looking to extend how long they are able to run or a very fit athlete in a recovery phase in the weeks following an intense competition.

Interval Training

When your heart rate is above 70% for short intense periods of time followed by recovery periods. Work to rest ratios are 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 with intervals of 3 to 30 depending on the time scale and energy system used. Interval training is excellent for increasing pace for beginners, moderate and athlete runners.


There are many styles of Fartlek and this technique can be applied to swimming, cycling, rowing, walking and running. The essence of the training remains the same; a constantly varying pace. Fartlek adds variation to running, enhancing the enjoyment of the session. It is an excellent fat burning training method as it uses different energy systems and muscle fibre types.

Whatever your goal these techniques can be used to help you achieve it in a fun and motivating way. Whether you are looking to start running for the first time or wish to improve your current pace and/or distance why not Contact Us and let Fit + Fabulous tailor a programme just for you.  Have a look at my beginner’s conditioning video: