Strength and conditioning delivers great results and can be used by everyone. Using body weighted and equipment aided exercises we can enhance performance,  improve tone and strength and reduce injury associated with high impact exercise.

gallery-2Sports Performance

Many elite athletes will have an Strength and Conditioning coach to improve performance or skills in their sport using specific exercises. The role of a S&C coach is to work in conjunction and communicate with the overall coaching team to assist the athlete achieving their goal to the best of their ability. The S&C coach can improve the athletic performance by enhancing the athlete’s speed, strength, power, endurance and reduce injuries through a tailored strength and conditioning programme. A S&C coach has to keep the health and safety of the athlete paramount in a client-centered process, always within the boundaries of their profession and ensuring professional standards are met.

General Fitness

Strength & Conditioning can benefit everyone, not just athletes. There are many health benefits to lifting your own body weight or equipment; improving mental well-being, injury prevention, burning excess calories and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis (increased bone weakness) and heart disease.  The American College of Sport (“ACSM”) recommend that:

Resistance Exercise

  • Adults should train each major muscle group two or three days each week using a variety of exercises and equipment.
  • Very light or light intensity is best for older persons or previously sedentary adults starting exercise.
  • Two to four sets of each exercise will help adults improve strength and power.
  • For each exercise, 8-12 repetitions improve strength and power, 10-15 repetitions improve strength in middle-age and older persons starting exercise, and 15-20 repetitions improve muscular endurance.
  • Adults should wait at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions.

Flexibility Exercise

  • Adults should do flexibility exercises at least two or three days each week to improve range of motion.
  • Each stretch should be held for 10-30 seconds to the point of tightness or slight discomfort.
  • Repeat each stretch two to four times, accumulating 60 seconds per stretch.
  • Static, dynamic, ballistic and PNF stretches are all effective.
  • Flexibility exercise is most effective when the muscle is warm. Try light aerobic activity or a hot bath to warm the muscles before stretching.

gallery-21What we offer

A tailored programme of exercises to compliment sports can be provided to enhance speed, power and strength with complementary conditioning exercises to improve flexibility and range of movement. For clients looking to improve general fitness, strength and conditioning exercises can be a means of getting fit, toning and losing weight. A mixture of high intensity, anaerobic body weighted and equipment assisted exercises are used.

Face to face contact can be offered weekly or monthly with a detailed programme including strength and conditioning work outs. Have a look at my beginner’s conditioning video as an example and get in touch for more information.